Original Dataset (2016a)

Contur Category Inspire ID Description
ATLAS 7 Jets ATLAS_2014_I1325553 [13] Measurement of the inclusive jet cross-section
ATLAS_2014_I1268975 [9] High-mass dijet cross section
ATLAS_2014_I1326641 [14] 3-jet cross section
ATLAS_2014_I1307243 [11] Measurements of jet vetoes and azimuthal decorrelations in dijet events
CMS 7 Jets CMS_2014_I1298810 [30] Ratios of jet pT spectra, which relate to the ratios of inclusive,differential jet cross sections
ATLAS 8 Jets ATLAS_2015_I1394679 [12] Multijets at 8 TeV
ATLAS 7 \(Z\) Jets ATLAS_2013_I1230812 [15] \(Z\) + jets
CMS 7 \(Z\) Jets CMS_2015_I1310737 [50] Jet multiplicity and differential cross- sections of \(Z\)+jets events
CMS 7 \(W\) Jets CMS_2014_I1303894 [49] Differential cross-section of \(W\) bosons + jets
ATLAS 7 \(W\) jets ATLAS_2014_I1319490 [6] \(W\) + jets
ATLAS 7 Photon Jet ATLAS_2013_I1263495 [10] Inclusive isolated prompt photon analysis with 2011 LHC data
ATLAS_2012_I1093738 [2] Isolated prompt photon + jet cross-section
CMS 7 Photon Jet CMS_2014_I1266056 [31] Photon + jets triple differential cross-section
ATLAS 7 Diphoton ATLAS_2012_I1199269 [5] Inclusive diphoton \(+ X\) events
ATLAS 7 \(ZZ\) ATLAS_2012_I1203852 [4] Measurement of the \(ZZ(*)\) production cross-section
ATLAS \(W\)/ \(Z\) gamma ATLAS_2013_I1217863 [7] \(W\)/\(Z\) gamma production