Running Contur

Contur is really in a production release, but it is open source and you are welcome to have a play with it.

Check out the contur code from our Mercurial repository.

hg clone -b rivet-25-compat

(You may need to us -u instead of -b for some very old installations of mercurial.)

The best place to start is the test script (in directory “test”) which is part of the installation, .

Test example

If you want to just try out Contur without having to run Herwig or Rivet, you can look at this yoda file. This is the result of a run for \(M_{Z^\prime} = 500\) GeV, \(M_\chi = 400\) GeV looking at 7 TeV measurements involving charged leptons. If you run CLTestSingle on it, and then contur-mkhtml, you should be able to generate these plots

Some pre-generated HepMC events from Herwig, which can be run through Rivet and then used by Contur, can be downloaded here.